Warranty Policy

we do not photoshop our products , always live inventory 


All our engines carry 30 days limited warranty. This warranty covers the engine block and head only. If the engine is heavily modified or replaced by a different model in a diffent car or somehow abused or not being installed or handled by a certified mechanic or garage the warranty is void.

warranty varies depends on the item please check below :

  •         Engine (head & block only) 30 days limited warranty on replacement engines only .
  •         Automatic transmission, 30 days limited warranty
  •          Manual transmission, start up warranty during 10 days of purchase. 
  •          Body parts, No warranty
  •          Wheels, No warranty
  •          Accessories, No warranty
  •          Seats, No warranty
  •      Coilover & suspension, No warranty

w   what is not covered :


All the external parts such as :
intake and exhaust manifold, steering pump, carburetor, A/C compressor, alternator, distributor, starter, thermostat, belt hoses, clutch, flywheel, pulleys, wiring, computer ECU, turbocharger, fuel injector, gasket and all plastically equipped pieces.

* If any parts damaged on delivery by transport company.
* If the engine or part not being installed by a professional mechanic or garage
(require the official proof from the mechanic or garage whom the installation or modification has been done).

* If the engine redlined or heavily modified or competitively raced.

* If due to insufficient amount of oil in the engine.

* If the engine is overheated, unless overheating is the direct result of the failure of an internal part of the engine.

* If the internal part or labour such as tune ups and adjustments in belts, hoses, filters, emission control devices sparkplugs etc.

* Decrease in performance of any covered parts due to normal wear tear unless actual breakdown occurs.

* if any product is oredred wrongly , we do not warranty any of the fitments . 

* packaging fees, cross border fees,shipping fees .

A fee of  50% of re-stocking of the total invoice will be applied on all return and refused products without  any reason . The customer is responsible for all the freight charges on the defective and returned products. We do not accept any returned item without RMN (retuned merchandise number) issued by our stuff.we do not accept items wrongly purchased .

All the problem must be reported within the 5 days upon receiving the product otherwise the warranty is void. the customer is responsible for all the freight charges for the item send back or replaced.all shipping charges are covered buy the buyerwithout any exceptions  .we do not cover any emission test failure , it is 100% the responsibity of the client to check and verify  the law and regulation of the emission test of their residing cities.  item shipped to an international location , the client is responsible to cover any custom charges, inspection fees, duty and taxes ,freight charges and the refusal of the item by the authority  back to our location of their country .

photos in our web site are sample photos, exact photos will be send to client to confirm befor shipping .

* please note that all mazda motors as rotary motors and kl-ze are sold as is ,there is no warranty , no return , no exchange
*we do not offer any warranty on the car ,cars are sold as is.



We use certified garages to perform the installation of the motors into client's car .

if the motor is used in a differnt car rather than the original model of the motor , the warranty is only the start up warranty this warranty is full and non exceptional . 

LABOUR IS NOT GUARANTEED , In the unlikely situation we need to replace the motor within warranty period .

the client is responsible for the full amount of the labour 


please note:

some of the jdm imported motors and transmission are subject to some modification or needs some external componenets into  your original car .please make sure to understand this part of information befor you commit  to purchase the jdm products  .We are not responsible for any products wrngly ordered .

 disclaimer :

jdm advance motor import is not responsible for any consequences or damages, waste of time, labour charges,arising from  loss of time, inconvenience, or business or other consequential damages due to products purchased from us.